Where do we really begin about the German Shepherds? It’s the second most popular dog breed in the world. It’s easily amongst the top three most intelligent dogs. It’s one of the most athletic dog breed. When it comes to Hollywood, German Shepherds are the real K 9 movie stars. They have always been the director’s darlings. Their dominance in cinemas is emphasized till date with I am Legend, A Dog’s Purpose, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and more such movies in this millennium. From the silver screen to silver stars, they excel everywhere. They are by far the best police dogs.

Breed name

The name of the breed pretty much sums up its origins and purpose. It is an all-purpose working breed. It belongs to the herding group and it’s the most popular sheep dog. It is one of the very few breeds whose officially recognized name includes ‘dog’. It helps understand whether you are talking about the dog or a human. It is also called as Alsatian in the U.K, due to the English’s hesitancy on calling their dogs ‘German’. Following suite many international kennel clubs officially used ‘Alsatian’ till 2010. Other common names include Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund and Schäferhund.

Loyal dogs

Its intelligence is in the same level as its noble character. Without a doubt, it is a large and muscular dog. The combination of brains and brawns makes them perfect police dogs. German Shepherds make up to a count of 8000 deputy dogs in the U.S. Their loyalty makes them practically fearless. They don’t hesitate to take a bullet for you. To associated police and military personnel, they are more than just dogs. Sometimes, they expose themselves to grave dangers, saving lives of our officers. They share such connect with their handlers. Their loyalty cannot be compromised for fear or favor.

Brief History

The German cavalry officer, Max Von Stephanitz registered the first German shepherd in 1899. It was a result of breeding focused to develop the perfect service breed. The army captain liked the utility and intelligence on offer. Inarguably, it descends from a lineage of German herding dogs. It still works as fine sheep dogs in most scenarios. Von Stephanitz played a role in making it the preferred breed for police and military worldwide .It was in that time the usage of its common nick, GSD was popular. GSD stands for German Shepherd Dog. GSD announced themselves by large in silver screens by starring in Rin-Tin-Tin and Strongheart.

The wolf connection…

Though it’s a true sheepdog, the German shepherd is bred with versatility. Their dense undercoat makes them adaptable to any climate. They come in three different colors – black & tan, all black and even all white. Its pointed ears alerts to the slightest of sound. Enjoy looking at their floppy ears all you want, when they are puppies. Floppy ears in toddler years and pointed ears in adulthood are also noticed in wolves. Their bushy curved tails makes the rumors of its wolf-connection pretty strong. For fact, Dutch breeders tried crossing wolves and German Shepherds. The resulting dogs just couldn’t be domesticated.