Sheep dogs are all about cattle duty. They herd and guard your cattle or livestock. They are capable of herding any domesticated animals. As home pets sheep dogs can even herd children. Their primary job is to take care of livestock in own territory and chase out any intruders, including cattle not belonging to its owner. Safeguarding duties against possible predators is included as well. Sheep dog is an umbrella term that includes livestock guardians or pastoral dogs and herding dogs. They can be indeed trained to carry out specific day to day tasks.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) classifies sheep dogs across working and herding groups. The British Kennel Club classifies them as Pastoral group. Not all sheep dogs are popular. People seldom realize the popular ones like German Shepherds as sheep dogs. They are the stars in silver screen and forces. Listed below are little known sheep dogs with amazing skills and strong personality.

  • Belgian Malinois:

AKC Popularity Rank #47/192

Long known for their herding capabilities, they are now into guarding people. When it comes to specific duties, this breed is next to none. It has become the first choice of dogs in military. It has been extensively used in law enforcement. Strong work ethic and super intelligence makes them a wholesome package for police duties. Their bomb sniffing noses have saved over thousands of lives in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Mechelaar as it is commonly referred to, is a real hero.

  • Old English Sheep dog:

AKC Popularity Rank #75/192

It looks like a large stuffed animal. These dogs are hard to resist. The old English Sheep dog is a gigantic breed. It played the titular role in Shaggy Dog. It brings a whole lot of attention, when you take it for walking. They were bred to herd cattle in Western England. The old English shepherds docked the tails to show old English sheepdogs as working dogs. It was a tactic used to escape taxes levied on pet owners in the 19th century England. This is how they got the name, Bobtail.

  • Hungarian Puli:

AKC Popularity Rank #159/192

Hungarian Puli or Puli as it is commonly called is one of the rarest breeds in the U.S. Only 150 Puli pups are registered annually with AKC. Compare that to 60,000 Golden Retriever pups registered every year. It has got a one of a kind looks. It looks like a giant mop. It has cords swinging all over the place when they move across the field. It is an ancient breed from Hungary, primarily bred to herd sheep. Its style of controlling herds involves bouncy movements and a high pitched bark.

Sheep dog supplies

Sheep dog supplies are easy to access worldwide. Invest on sheepdog whistles to help with the basic and advanced commands. Training sticks and paddles will be required, if you are preparing them for dog shows. If you are into using them for herding, shepherd crooks offer old school controlling options. Considering sheep dogs are mostly shedders, you will need hypoallergenic conditioners, shampoos and improvised grooming supplies.