What do you think is the most intelligent dog on the planet? Nine out of 10 people would have got it wrong. That’s how underrated this breed really is. The breed of wits is the Border Collie. You don’t see much of them in the movies. It is only the 38th popular breed in the U.S, owing to a couple of reasons. Firstly it is such an underrated breed in the world of dogs. Secondly, this breed is not for the first time dog owners. It belongs to the herding group and it is a true sheep dog. AKC describes them as ‘a remarkably bright workaholic dog’ breed.

Most intelligent breed is a sheep dog!”

#1 intelligent dog breed

Border Collie is a super smart dog. It scores out on top on all dog intelligence rankings. Poodle and German Shepherds, another sheep dog usually followOne of a kind physiques on 2 and 3. Nevertheless, Border collie is heads and shoulders above these breeds on intelligence. It doesn’t score that well as a house pet. The long and short answer is it is not a breed for first timers. If you don’t know to handle this breed, it can create rampage in your house. When you know what you are doing, it is such an easy breed to train. They turn out to be such useful dogs after proper training.

Brains and brawns

Border’ in its name refers to the border between England and Scotland, where these dogs were first bred. Shepherds bred this through generations to create the perfect sheep dogs. There is no breed to beat it at herding duties. It’s not just about brains, Border Collie is brawns too. It is such an athletic breed owing to its muscular supple body. It was bred for strength and stamina. It loves to run, herd and chase animals. It is a genuine hyper animal. These dogs really bring that wild to you. They don’t settle for some cuddle time before the work is done.

Intimidating looks

Its fierce stare sends down shivers on anyone. The gaze from their intense eye comes handy in keeping livestock in check. It speaks to your cattle in the language they understand – intimidation. When it focuses on a spot, it’s impossible to break that concentration. Ensure you never become the subject of its stare. It’s not the bite, but the menacing stare will cause more damage. They are inept at accomplishing complex feats. They work well with humans and works well solo. They redefine the usually thrown around tagline – man’s best friend.

One of a kind physique

Not just the mental prowess, the physical shape gives the breed a distinct edge. It moves swifter in its crouching position. It moves more like a cat with motive. The space between the shoulder blades explains its unique movement. It allows Collie to control the herd to utmost precision by making slightest of adjustments. Not many breeds are always on the job like Border Collies. They excel at all sorts of dog sport. They defy laws of gravity, when chasing Frisbees. They perform endless tricks to amuse anyone. They can be trained for agility, obedience and even math (at a canine level!).