A lot of us have seen this dog in the movies. It is no alien to Hollywood either. Tim Allen acted along one in the Shaggy Dog. It was casted as Tiger, the family dog in Brady Bunch, a popular TV series. The breed is none other than the Bearded Collie. It closely resembles Old English Sheepdogs. People confuse this breed with so many other breeds. If you refer to it by breed’s name, most people would say they haven’t seen one. One way to distinguish it from the Old English Sheepdogs is by looking at the tails. Beardies have a wagging long tails while the oldies don’t.

Soft looks

Unlike its cousin, the Border Collies, Beardies have soft and expressive eyes. These are dogs that suits farms and apartments alike. To add to the charms, the color of their eyes matches their coat, more often than not. By default, these dogs look like art. They weigh around the 50 pound mark. The oval shaped paws improve its cuteness quotient. They are bred from European herding breeds. By wide claims, Magyar Komondor, a central European breed and Polish lowland sheepdogs form its ancestry. It is often dubbed as the Highland Collie or the Mountain Collie or the Hairy Mou-ed Collie.

Brief history

The earliest records of Bearded Collies were documented in the 18th century. The first ever records confirms of its royalty in Scotland. They were popular in south of Scotland after the fall of Victorian Era. Owing to its coat, these working dogs quickly became show dogs. For fact, it was registered as working dogs with AKC in 1977. When it comes to coat color, they are the opposite of Golden Retrievers. The puppies are born with dark coats. The coat greys out as they grow. The shade may keep changing throughout life barring central essence of their birth color.

Bouncing Collie

Bearded collies jump a lot. It looks more like they are bouncing. They demand a lot of space, indoors or outdoors. The strong will makes training mandatory. Beardies are the tricky genies. You need to put them to a task. Else, they find one, which may not be to your liking. They need to be introduced to grooming right from puppyhood. Daily brushing and combing will be required. Complete bathing and brushing will be needed every couple of months. They have a lifespan of 12-14 years. They are prone to depression, heart issues and dehydration.

Summing it up…

Bearded Collies are the showmen of sheep dogs. Without a shadow of doubt, Beardies make awesome family pets. Due to tad rough nature they can’t be left with children unsupervised. They do harm only when they are in playful mode. As a rule of thumb, don’t place two types of babies together. These generally very healthy dogs need plenty of space. Though grooming costs a lot, it’s worth every penny spent. With proper training and supervision, it’s the perfect pet for your family. It longs for the companionship and affection.